Success Stories

Karen has lost 69 lbs while on the Sustain Medical Weightloss program. A quote from Karen. ” It was an amazing experience being on this diet. In my eyes it was life changing. Every week the weight melted away because I followed the Sustain protocol to the letter! I hit my goal ahead of schedule. I have now been on maintenance for over a month. I have no worries that I will gain the weight back. The diet educators at Sustain teach you how to add foods back into your diet without gaining weight. With their help I will continue to maintain my weight.” Karen C. Peru, IL

T.S., LaSalle, IL, has lost over 100lbs on Sustain. T.S. is on our step three maintenance program. On step 3 you are taught how to maintain your weight while adding back the foods you have been avoiding. TS gave us the following quote, ” I liked the program and have lost 100 lbs. Most of the food was good. If you follow the program it works. After losing the your energy level doubles.” T.S. has also been able to go off her high blood pressure medication.

P.H. from Peru is our story in progress. She is down 118 lbs. We will post her after picture when she reaches her goal. Goals are determined by the dieter, not the diet educator. In P.H.’s own words: “Sustain has been a life changing experience for me. It may have been a life saving effort, too. I’m healthier, happier, and so grateful for Butterfly Landing and the Sustain Program.”

These are actual testimonials from Sustain clients.

Before Sustain I had tried every diet you can think of and nothing worked.  I could lose weight but would gain it right back, plus more.  I have been able to lose the weight and keep it off with this program.  The diet educators have been there for me every step of the way, even calling me when we were on vacation out of state.  I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement and support.  I am off my blood pressure medications and feel so much better.  Thank you Dr. Kinsella and all your staff.      BK, Granville 70 lbs gone.

Sustain is not so much a diet as it is a change in lifestyle.  It taught me to enjoy food, life, health and family.  My extra 40 lbs was dragging me down physically and emotionally.  To lose them set free a more confident, fun, active, outgoing and attractive me.  How can you put a price on that?   SP, Peru 40 lbs lost.

When you are emotionally ready to commit to a lifestyle change, Sustain is the way to go!  LP, Hennepin 87 lbs lost.

Calling Butterfly Landing was the best phone call I have ever made!!  DM, Hennepin  66 lbs down.

Dr. Kinsella and Sustain not only helped me reach my weight loss goal, the system assisted me in establishing a new method of eating that ensures a healthy lifestyle that I can follow the rest of my life.  GS, LaSalle 101 lbs gone.  

It works!  I started this program with the goal of getting healthy and not just to achieve a number on the scale.  I was able to quickly reach that goal and I now have the support and tools needed to maintain my health.  I am so grateful for this program and the team at Butterfly Landing.  I finally found something that works  and it’s given me a new outlook on health.  AH, McNabb

So Why Aren’t You On Sustain?