In Office or Online

Failure is not an option. If you follow our plan you will lose the weight and feel great.

While the immediate goal of SUSTAIN is to focus on your weight loss, our bigger goal is to ensure that you have the skills for keeping it off for the rest of your life. Since our goal is to make this the last diet you’ll ever need, you’re provided with weekly support and education ever step of the way. WE’RE HERE TO HELP!

For local clients, this help consists of weekly one-on-one weigh-ins and meetings with a diet educator. This holds dieters accountable to adhere to the program. It also helps us address obstacles a dieter may encounter along the path.

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Sustain began as a face to face program with a diet educator. For many it still is. It wasn’t long after Dr. Kinsella introduced Sustain that people from other towns and states wanted Sustain too. This is how Virtual Sustain was introduced.

Local dieters have weekly meetings with a diet educator. At these meetings your diet educator will weigh, measure and take your blood pressure as well as review your diet diary. You will discuss how to cope with upcoming challenges and your past weeks struggles. There will be lots of encouragement. You will also be encouraged to call with any questions or needs. If you are going out of town, why not switch to phone support while you are gone?

If you are too far away to come in for meeting we can still help. 

Our virtual online program helps dieters no matter where they live. Instead of face to face meetings, your meetings will be conducted via phone. You will need to send us a picture of your feet on the scale and a copy of your diet diary, by email, before your scheduled weekly appointment. At the scheduled time, a diet educator will call to discuss your progress and plan. This program has been very successful. You still receive the accountability you need.

Some online dieters travel to our office a few times while on the program. Dieters can do all online or a combination of in office and online. We can work to make this fit your lifestyle and schedule.