How To Unlink Activision Account From Ps4

To unlink an Activision account from a PS4, the user must first log in to their account on the official Activision website. Once logged in, they will need to navigate to the “Account” page and select the “Linked Accounts” option. From here, they can select the “Unlink” button next to the PS4 account that they wish to unlink.

3 Steps to Unlink Activision Account From Ps4

There are three ways to unlink an Activision account from a PS4 console: from the PS4 itself, from a web browser, or by contacting Activision customer support. To do it from the PS4, go to Settings > Account Management > Linked Accounts > Activision and select Unlink. From a web browser, log in to your Activision account and look under the Account Linking section; there will be an Unlink button next to the PS4 icon. Or, finally, you can contact customer support and ask them to unlink your account for you.

In today’s world, it’s important to know how to unlink an Activision account from a PS4. With so many people using social media and online gaming, there’s a good chance that someone might try to hack into your account. If you know how to unlink an Activision account from a PS4, you can protect your account and your personal information.

Step 1: To Unlink An Activision Account From A Playstation 4, The User Must First Sign In To Their Activision Account On A Web Browser

To unlink an activision account from a Playstation 4, the user must first sign in to their activision account on a web browser. From there, they will navigate to the “Linked Accounts” page and select “Unlink” next to the Playstation 4 icon.

Step 2: Next, They Must Click On The “Manage Devices” Tab And Select ” Playstation 4″ From The List Of Devices

Next, they must click on the “manage devices” tab and select ” playstation 4″ from the list of devices. They will then be given the option to unlink their account from the Playstation 4.

Step 3: Finally, The User Must Click On The “Unlink” Button And Follow The Onscreen Instructions

The user must click on the “unlink” button and follow the onscreen instructions. This will unlink the Activision account from the PS4.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change My Activision Account On Ps4 Modern Warfare?

If you want to change your Activision account on PS4 Modern Warfare, you will need to go to the PS4 Settings menu and select ‘Account Management.’ From there, you will be able to select ‘Activate as Your Primary PS4’ and then select ‘Deactivate.’

How Do I Unlink My Modern Warfare Account On Ps4?

To unlink your Modern Warfare account on PS4, go to the in-game settings menu and select the “Account” option. From here, you will be able to unlink your account from the game.


To unlink Activision from your PlayStation 4, you need to go to the settings menu on your PlayStation 4 and select the “Account Management” option. From there, select the “Activision” tab and then select the “Deactivate” option. After that, you’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to deactivate your Activision account.

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