How To Throw A Grenade In Save The World

A grenade is a small explosive device that is thrown by hand. It is a common weapon in infantry warfare, and can be used to attack enemy troops, or destroy equipment and installations.

How To Throw A Grenade In Save The World

There is no one definitive way to throw a grenade in Save the World. However, some tips on how to do so include: -Aim for the ground in front of the target, as this will create more of an explosion and cause more damage. -Make sure you are far enough away from the target, as grenades can cause injuries or death if detonated too close. -Wait until there are a lot of enemies grouped together before throwing, as this will maximize

-Grenade -Save the world

  • Pull the pin with your teeth 2. throw the grenade overhand 3. get clear

-Check your surroundings for obstacles and people before throwing -Ensure the grenade is facing the correct direction before throwing -Get as close to the target as possible before throwing for maximum impact -Throw with a smooth motion to avoid any unnecessary movement that could prematurely detonate the grenade

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Throw A Grenade In Gta 5 Xbox 360?

In order to throw a grenade in Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox 360, players must first obtain a grenade from a weapon spawn point. Once they have the grenade, they must aim it at their desired target and hold down the left trigger to arm it. They can then release the left trigger to throw the grenade.

How Do You Throw Grenades In Gta 4?

In order to throw grenades in Grand Theft Auto 4, you must aim the weapon using the Right Analog Stick and then press the fire button (R1 on PlayStation 3, RB on Xbox 360).

How Do You Throw Grenades In?

There are many ways to throw grenades, but the most common way is to hold the grenade with the pin pulled out and your throwing arm parallel to the ground. Tilt your arm towards your target and release the grenade.


In order to throw a grenade in save the world, the player must first equip the grenade by selecting it from the weapon wheel. Once it is equipped, the player can then aim with the left stick and throw with the right stick. The grenade will detonate after a few seconds, so it’s important to aim accurately.

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