How To Switch Weapons In Vigor

In order to switch weapons in vigor, the player must first bring up their inventory by pressing the “Tab” key. From there, they can select the weapon they wish to switch to by clicking on it with their mouse.

2 Steps to Switch Weapons In Vigor

In vigor, you can switch weapons by pressing the “1” and “2” keys on your keyboard. You can also switch weapons by pressing the “F” key and then selecting the weapon you want to switch to from the menu that appears.

In the game Vigor, players will often find themselves in situations where they need to quickly switch between weapons in order to survive. While some players may be able to do this without any problems, others may find it more difficult. Learning how to switch weapons quickly and efficiently can mean the difference between life and death in Vigor.

Step 1: Tapping The Weapon Icon In The Bottomleft Corner Of The Screen Will Switch Between Your Two Equipped Weapons

In the game Vigor, tapping the weapon icon in the bottom left corner of the screen will switch between your two equipped weapons. This is helpful in order to change up your strategy on the fly, or to simply use the weapon that is better suited for the current situation.

Step 2: If You Have Only One Weapon Equipped, Tapping The Weapon Icon Will Use That Weapon

If you have only one weapon equipped, tapping the weapon icon will automatically use that weapon. To switch weapons, simply equip another weapon in its place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Switch Weapons In Pubg Ps4?

You can switch weapons in PUBG ps4 by pressing the up and down arrows on the d-pad.

How Do You Switch Weapons On Ps4?

To switch weapons on ps4, you hold down the triangle button.

How Do You Switch Between Gun Controls?

There is no one answer to this question as it can vary depending on the type of gun control and the specific gun. However, in general, most gun controls can be switched between by simply moving the switch to the desired setting. Additionally, some gun controls may require the user to press a button or combination of buttons in order to change the setting.

How Do You Switch Weapons In Just Cause Four?

In Just Cause 4, you can switch weapons by pressing the left bumper on Xbox One, the left shoulder button on PlayStation 4, or the Q key on PC.

Taking Everything Into Account

In Vigor, you can switch weapons by pressing ‘X’ on the PS4 controller or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller. This will bring up a radial menu of all of your weapons, and you can select the one you want to use by using the left stick or the d-pad.

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