How To Shock Fish With A Car Battery

There are a few ways to shock fish with a car battery. One way is to attach wires from the battery to the fish’s body. Another way is to put the battery in a bucket of water and then put the fish in the bucket.

How To Shock Fish With A Car Battery

A car battery can be used to shock fish in order to stun them. This is a common practice among fisherman and can be done by attaching the negative terminal of the battery to the fish’s body and the positive terminal to a metal object in the water. The shock will stun the fish and make them easier to catch.

-One car battery -One wire -One metal rod -One bucket -Water

  • Remove the protective cover from the battery terminals
  • Touch the other terminal to the metal on the fish shocker hold the fish shocker in your hand
  • Wrap a piece of metal around one of the terminals

1. Make sure the battery is not connected to the car. 2. Place the battery on a non-conductive surface. 3. Lift up one end of the battery and place it in the water so that the fish will be shocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Shock Someone With A 12 Volt Battery?

You can shock someone with a 12 volt battery, but it would not be very effective. A 9 volt battery would be a better option for shocking someone.

Can You Shock With A Car Battery?

It is possible to shock someone with a car battery, but it requires coming into direct contact with the terminals of the battery. It is not recommended to try this at home.

Can You Be Shocked By A 12 Volt Battery?

It is possible to be shocked by a 12 volt battery if it is mishandled or used incorrectly. For example, if you were to touch the terminals of a battery while it was being used, you could potentially be shocked.

In Summary

If you’re looking to shock some fish, a car battery is the way to go. You can attach the alligator clips to the metal fins on either side of the fish’s body, or hold them in your hand and shock the fish that way. It’s important to note that shocks can kill fish, so be careful and only use shocks as a last resort.

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