How To Put Your Twitch Link On Instagram

If you want to put your Twitch link on Instagram, you can do so by sharing it in your bio. To do this, go to your profile and tap the Edit Profile button. In the Website section, paste your Twitch link. After you’ve done this, your link will appear in your bio and anyone who clicks on it will be taken to your Twitch channel.

1 Steps to Put Your Twitch Link On Instagram

If you’re a fan of watching people play video games, then you’re likely familiar with Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming platform that let’s people watch others play games. You can also find clips of gameplay, or VODs, on Twitch. If you’re looking to put your Twitch link on Instagram, you can do so by sharing a clip or VOD from your Twitch channel. To share a VOD, simply go to the video you want to share and click the share button. From there, you can select Instagram as the platform you’d like to share to. Once you’ve done that, your Twitch link will be shared on your Instagram profile.

If you’re a big fan of Instagram, then you probably already know that you can link your account to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But did you know that you can also link your Twitch account to Instagram? Here’s how to do it! First, open up the Instagram app and sign into your account. Then, go to your profile page and tap on the “Edit Profile” button. Under the “Public Profile” section, tap on the “Link your URL” option. In the URL field, enter your Twitch account URL. Then, tap on the “Done” button. Now, whenever you go to post a new photo or video on Instagram, you’ll see an option to share it

Step 1: Put Your Twitch Link On Instagram Click On The Link Icon Paste Your Twitch Link Click On “Add Link”

Assuming you have a Twitch account and an Instagram account: 1. Click on the link icon in your Instagram account 2. Paste your Twitch link 3. Click on “add link”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Share My Twitch Link?

You can share your twitch link by copying and pasting it into a chat window, or by sharing it on social media.

How Do You Link Instagram To Twitch On Mobile?

To link your Instagram account to your Twitch account on mobile, open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Tap the three dots in the top right corner and select Linked Accounts. Tap Twitch and enter your Twitch username and password. Once you’ve authorized the link, you’ll be able to share your Instagram posts on your Twitch channel.


Adding your Twitch link on Instagram is a great way to let your followers know about your streams and to help promote your channel. By adding a few simple steps, you can make it easy for people to watch your content.

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