How To Play Ps4 Without Hdmi

If your PlayStation 4 console isn’t connected to a television, you can still play games on it using the PS4’s Remote Play feature. This lets you connect your PS4 to a compatible device—like a PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet—and play your games on the smaller screen. Here’s how to set up Remote Play and start playing PS4 games on another device.

4 Steps to Play Ps4 Without Hdmi

PS4 can be played without HDMI by connecting the controller to the PS4 using a USB cable and then pressing the PS button. This will enable the PS4 to enter rest mode, which will allow the controller to be used to play games.

HDMI cables are the standard for connecting high-definition devices to TVs, but they’re not required. You can connect your PS4 to a TV without HDMI using a Component AV Cable. This type of cable is more expensive, but it will carry an HD signal.

Step 1: Play Ps4 Without An Hdmi Cable

If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI input, you can still use the PS4. You’ll just need to connect it to the TV using a component cable. Component cables are available for purchase online or at most electronics stores.

Step 2: Use A Digital Optical Audio Cable To Connect The Ps4 To The Tv

If your PS4™ system is not connected to a TV, you can use a digital optical audio cable to connect the PS4™ to the TV.

Step 3: Change The Audio Settings On Your Tv To “Digital Optical”

In order to change the audio settings on your TV to “digital optical,” first make sure that your TV is turned on. Then, locate the audio settings menu on your TV. Once you have found the audio settings menu, select the “digital optical” option. Finally, make sure that your PS4 is connected to the digital optical input on your TV.

Step 4: Turn On Your Ps4 And Enjoy

If your PlayStation 4 won’t turn on, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you troubleshoot and fix common PS4 problems. If your PS4 won’t turn on, there are several possible causes. The most common cause is a faulty power supply. If your PS4 won’t turn on, make sure the power supply is properly plugged into the wall and the console. If that doesn’t work, try a different power outlet. If your PS4 still

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do If Your Ps4 Hdmi Port Is Broken?

If the HDMI port is broken, you will need to replace the motherboard.

How Can I Play Without Hdmi?

There are a few ways to play without HDMI. One way is to use an adapter that converts the HDMI signal to a different type of signal, such as DVI or VGA. Another way is to use a digital-to-analog converter, which converts the HDMI signal into an analog signal that can be used by older TVs.

How Can I Play My Ps4 If My Hdmi Port Is Broken?

If the HDMI port is broken, then the PS4 cannot be played.

Is There Another Way To Play Ps4 Without Hdmi?

Yes, you can play your PS4 without an HDMI cable by connecting it to a compatible display using an AV Multi Out port.


There are a few ways to play a PlayStation 4 without an HDMI input. One is to use the PlayStation VR headset, which has a dedicated port for the console. Another is to use the PlayStation Now streaming service, which does not require an HDMI connection.

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