How To Make A Video Longer On Iphone

If you want to make a video longer on your iPhone, there are a few things you can do. You can either add new footage to the end of the video, or you can trim the beginning and end of the video to make it shorter. You can also add music or text to the video to help keep your viewer’s attention.

How To Make A Video Longer On Iphone

There are a few ways to make a video longer on your iPhone. One way is to use an app like “Video Lengthener”, which will allow you to add time to the beginning or end of your video. Another way is to use a video editing app, like iMovie, to add clips or scenes to your video. You can also split your video into multiple parts and combine them together using an app like “Clip Stack”.

-An iPhone or other iOS device -A video editing app -Optional: Additional footage, music, or images to supplement your video

  • Open the videos app and select the video you want to make longer
  • Tap “
  • Choose the amount of time you want to add (in seconds)
  • Tap the share button and select “extend”

1. Use a longer video format: If you’re looking to make a video longer on your iPhone, you may want to consider using a longer video format. This will give you more space to work with and allow you to add in more content. Alternatively, you could split your video into multiple parts and upload them as separate videos. 2. Trim the beginning and end: One way to make your video longer is by trimming the beginning and

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Loop A Video On Iphone?

Yes, you can loop a video on an iPhone by using a third-party app like Video Loop or Loopy.

How Do I Loop A Video On My Iphone Browser?

There is no native way to loop a video on the iPhone’s browser, but there are a few workarounds. One is to use a third-party app like VideoLoop ( that will allow you to loop videos within the app. Another is to use the Share button to save the video to your Photos app, then open it in the Photos app and tap the Loop button.

How Do You Extend A Video On Instagram Stories?

There is no one definitive way to extend a video on Instagram stories, as there are a variety of apps and tools that users can employ. Some popular methods include using third-party video editing apps such as Splice or Clips, or using screenshot techniques to capture certain frames and create mini videos. Additionally, some users utilize Instagram’s built-in features such as Boomerang or Superzoom to add creative touches to their videos.

In Summary

By adding music, photos, and text to your iPhone video, you can make it longer and more interesting. You can also trim the video to remove any unwanted footage.

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