How To Make A Magnetic Stash Box

A magnetic stash box is a great way to hide your stash from plain view. It is easy to make and only requires a few materials.

How To Make A Magnetic Stash Box

A magnetic stash box is a great way to hide your drugs or other valuable items. You can make your own magnetic stash box with a few simple supplies. You will need: a small metal box (such as a Altoids tin) a strong magnet (such as a rare earth magnet) superglue optional: paint or stickers to decorate the box To make the magnetic stash box, use superglue to attach the magnet

-A stash box -Strong magnets -Superglue -Scissors -Ruler -Pencil

  • Take a small cardboard box and cut a slot in the top lid
  • St
  • Take a piece of thin sheet metal and cut it to the size of the box lid
  • Glue the metal to the inside of the lid

: -Choose a metal box that is at least the size of your desired stash container. -Clean the metal box with a non-abrasive cleaner to remove any dirt or oils. -Paint the entire box with a few coats of black enamel paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. -Apply a coat of clear sealant over the paint. -Let the sealant dry completely. -Cut a piece of thin sheet metal to fit inside

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make A Magnetic Box?

The process of making a magnetic box is relatively simple. You will need a few basic supplies including a wooden box, a sheet of metal, a magnetic strip, and some strong glue. First, measure and cut the metal to fit the inside of the box. Glue the metal to the bottom of the box. Then, glue the magnetic strip to the top of the metal. Let the glue dry completely before using your new magnetic box.

What Is A Magnetic Closure?

A magnetic closure is a type of closure that uses a magnet to keep the two halves of the closure together.

What Is Magnetic Closure Box?

A magnetic closure box is a type of storage container that uses magnets to keep the lid attached to the body of the container. This type of closure is often used on boxes that contain small or delicate items, as it is easy to open and close and does not require any manual fastening mechanisms.

To Review

A magnetic stash box is a fun and easy way to stash your stuff. You can make one with a few simple supplies that you may have around your house.

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