How To Dunk In Nba 2K21 Xbox One

If you want to dunk in NBA 2K21 on Xbox One, you’ll first need to learn the controls. Then, practice your jumping and dunking skills in the MyCourt or Neighborhood modes. When you’re ready, find an opponent who’s about your size and challenge them to a one-on-one game. When the ball is in your possession, run up to the basket and press the X button to initiate a jump. If timed correctly, you’ll jump high enough to

How To Dunk In Nba 2K21 Xbox One

There is no one definitive way to dunk in NBA 2K21 on Xbox One. However, there are a few basic tips that can help you increase your chances of success: 1. Use your jumping ability to get as high as possible. 2. Time your jump correctly, so that you reach the hoop at the peak of your jump. 3. Use your body and arms to create momentum and thrust towards the hoop. 4. Make sure you have good

A basketball, an Xbox One, and NBA 2K21.

  • Select the player you want to use
  • Use the right stick to move towards the basket jump and press the x or a button at the same time to dunk
  • Get in a stance facing the basket

-There are a couple of things you can do in order to dunk in NBA 2K21 on Xbox One. -One is to increase your strength and agility. This can be done by eating healthy and working out regularly. -Another is to use the right controller configuration. You may need to adjust the height of your player and the power of your shots in order to make dunks more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Dunk In Nba 2K21 Post?

To dunk in NBA 2K21 Post, hold the X button to sprint towards the basket. When you get close enough, release the X button and hold the B button to jump. When you’re in the air, press the A button to dunk.

What Button Do You Press For Contact Dunks?

Contact dunks are a move in basketball where the player jumps up as if they were going to dunk the ball, but instead of grabbing the ball with their hands they extend their arm out and make contact with the ball with their palm, allowing them to dunk it easier. The button that is used to do this move is typically either R2 or RT on Playstation and Xbox controllers respectively.

How Do You Do A Standing Dunk In Nba 2K21 Xbox?

In NBA 2K21 Xbox, you can do a standing dunk by pressing the B button while your player is in the air.


In order to dunk in NBA 2K21 on Xbox One, you need to have a high enough basketball skill rating. You can increase your rating by practicing your jump shots and dunks in the MyCareer mode.

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