How To Deregister My Nook

Deregistering a Nook is a very simple process. All you need is the device’s serial number and your Barnes & Noble account login information.

How To Deregister My Nook

If you want to deregister your Nook, you have to go to the Barnes and Noble website and sign in. Once you are signed in, go to the My Account page and click on the Devices tab. Underneath your devices, there will be a link that says Deactivate This Device. Click on that link and follow the instructions.

In order to deregister your Nook, you will need a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. You will also need the device’s serial number.

  • Follow the instructions on the page
  • Under “my nook library” on the right side of the page, scroll down and click “deregister this nook”
  • Log in to your barnes and noble account

-How to Deregister a Nook -To deregister a Nook, you need to visit the Barnes and Noble website. -Once you are on the website, you need to select “My Nook” from the menu bar -From there, you will be able to select “Deregister.” -After that, you just have to follow the instructions on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Reset A Nook Without The Password?

If you have forgotten your password, or if you have a Nook that is asking for a password that you do not know, there is a way to reset your Nook without the password.

How Do I Restore My Nook Color To Factory Settings?

There are a few ways to restore a Nook color to factory settings. One way is to hold the power button and the N button at the same time until the nook turns off. Then, turn it back on and hold the N button until it says “restore factory settings.” Another way is to go into Menu>Settings>Advanced and select Restore Factory Settings.

Where Is The Reset Button On A Nook Color?

There is no reset button on a Nook Color. If your Nook Color is frozen, you can hold down the power button for 15 seconds to restart it.

In Summary

De-registering your Nook is a very simple process. First, go to the Barnes & Noble website and sign in. Once you are logged in, click on the “My Nook” tab and then select “Settings.” Under the “Manage Your Device” section, click on the “De-register” button. A pop-up window will appear asking for your confirmation. Click on the “Yes, De-register My Device” button and your Nook will be de-registered.

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