How To Delete Skype From Android

Skype is a popular VoIP and messaging app that can be installed on Android devices. However, if you no longer want Skype on your device, you can uninstall it. This article will show you how to uninstall Skype from an Android device.

How To Delete Skype From Android

To delete Skype from an Android device, you must first uninstall the app. To uninstall the app, open the Settings menu and tap Apps. From the list of apps, find Skype and tap it. Then, tap Uninstall. After uninstalling Skype, you can delete its data by opening the Settings menu and tapping Storage. Tap Clear data and then OK.

1. A computer 2. Skype installed on the computer 3. Android device

  • Swipe to the left until you find skype and tap on it tap on uninstall and then confirm by tapping ok
  • Access settings on your android device
  • Tap on applications or application manager (depending on your device)

– To delete Skype from Android, you will need to go into your app settings and find the Skype app. – Once you have found the Skype app, you will need to tap on it and then tap on the uninstall button. – After you have tapped on the uninstall button, you will need to confirm that you want to uninstall the Skype app by tapping on the OK button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Uninstall Skype On My Phone?

You can uninstall Skype on your phone by opening the Settings app and tapping Apps. Tap Skype, then tap Uninstall.

How Do I Delete Skype From My Android Phone?

To delete Skype from your Android phone, follow these steps: 1. Open the Skype app. 2. Tap the Menu icon (three lines). 3. Tap Settings. 4. Tap App Preferences. 5. Tap Delete Account. 6. Tap Delete to confirm.

What Happens When I Delete Skype App?

The Skype app is deleted and the associated user account is removed. Any files or data that were stored in the Skype app are also deleted.

In The End

To delete Skype from an Android device, go to the Settings menu, select Apps or Applications, find Skype in the list of apps, and tap on it. In the app info screen, tap on the Clear Data button. This will clear all of your Skype data from the device, including your chat history and contacts. If you also want to remove the Skype app from your device, tap on the Uninstall button.

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