How To Clean A Suorin Air Pod

Cleaning a suorin air pod is easy. Just remove the pod from the device and use a q-tip or a pipe cleaner to clean out the inside. Be sure to clean the mouthpiece as well. You can also use alcohol to clean the pod.

How To Clean A Suorin Air Pod

Suorin Air pods are designed for use with the Suorin Air Vape device and should only be used with original Suorin Air pods. To clean a Suorin Air pod, first remove the pod from the device and disconnect the coil from the pod. Next, use a brush to clean the inside of the pod and the threads of the connector. Finally, rinse the pod and connector with water and allow to air dry.

There are a few items you will need in order to clean your Suorin Air pod: isopropyl alcohol, a q-tip, and a paper towel.

  • empty the pod of any remaining e
  • Liquid 2. wipe the pod down with a cloth or tissue 3. soak the pod in warm water for a few minutes 4. swirl around the pod to loosen

-To clean a suorin air pod, take it apart and use a gentle brush or pipe cleaner to clean the inside. Be sure to also clean the pod’s mouthpiece. -To dry the pod, use a paper towel and blow into the pod’s mouthpiece to remove any excess moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean Sourin?

To clean a Sourin, first remove the pod and tank. Rinse the tank and pod with hot water and mild detergent. Shake out any excess water and let the pieces air dry. Reattach the tank and pod to the Sourin and enjoy a fresh, clean vape!

Can You Clean A Suorin Pod With Water?

It is possible to clean a Suorin pod with water, but it is not recommended. The pod can be cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent.

How Do You Clean The Inside Of Suorin Air?

There are a few ways to clean the inside of a Suorin Air. One way is to use a cotton swab and alcohol. Another way is to use a water pipe cleaner.


To clean a Suorin Air pod, users should remove the pod from the device and gently brush off any debris with a soft brush. The pod can then be soaked in warm water and dish soap for a few minutes, making sure to rinse it thoroughly. Finally, the pod can be air dried before being put back into the device.

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