How To Check Moneygram Blacklist

MoneyGram is one of the most popular money transfer services in the world. It allows users to send and receive money in over 200 countries. MoneyGram also offers a blacklist service that allows users to check whether a particular person or company is blacklisted by MoneyGram. To use the blacklist service, you will need to create a free account on the MoneyGram website.

How To Check Moneygram Blacklist

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different money transfer services may have different ways of checking for blacklisted recipients. However, many money transfer services will likely require the recipient’s name, address, and/or bank account information in order to verify their identity and ensure that they are not on any blacklist.

-Computer with internet access -Moneygram account -Credit or debit card

  • Click on “check blacklist” in the bottom right corner of the homepage
  • Enter the name of the person you are trying to send money to and their country click on “submit
  • Go to

-There are a few easy ways to check the MoneyGram blacklist. -The first way is to go to the MoneyGram website and use their “Check Status” feature. -You can also call MoneyGram customer service and ask them to check the status of your money transfer. -If you suspect that your money transfer may have been blacklisted, it’s best to contact MoneyGram immediately for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Moneygram Declined My Transaction?

There could be a number of reasons why MoneyGram would decline a transaction. The sender might not have enough money in their account to cover the cost of the transfer, or the destination country might be experiencing economic or political instability.

How Long Can Moneygram Hold The Fund?

MoneyGram can hold the fund for up to 45 days.

How Can I Be Unblocked From Moneygram?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It may help to consult with MoneyGram customer service to determine the specific reason for your account being blocked and to seek assistance in resolving the issue. Alternately, you could explore other money transfer options.

In Closing

There are a few different ways to check the MoneyGram blacklist. One is to use the MoneyGram website, where you can search by either name or country. Another way to check is through the ITRC website. The ITRC has a database of known scammers and their contact information.

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