Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this weight loss system better than other plans?
    • This system exceeds other plans in three essential ways:
      Through protein supplementation, we preserve muscle mass which makes weight loss more efficient (i.e. consistent weight loss each week).
    • Our one-on-one meeting with dieters holds them accountable to adhere to the program.
    • Our emphasis on re-education on how and what to eat so that a healthy weight can be maintained.
  • What is the physiological basis of the diet?
    • We believe in order to combat the obesity epidemic we must face the fact that our diets are too high in fats but, much more importantly, too high in both simple and complex carbohydrates. Overconsumption of carbohydrates results in overproduction of insulin by the pancreas. Insulin not only helps control our blood sugars but also tells our bodies to store fat. When we become obese, often we have elevated insulin levels all the time, even when fasting. This leads to insulin resistance in all of the cells of the body (i.e. the cells of the body trying to protect themselves by becoming non-responsive to insulin) except the fat cells. The fat cells stay “open for business”. The fat cells are then storing the fat we eat as fat but ALSO the carbohydrates (whether it’s sugar, high fructose corn syrup, bread, or pasta, etc.) as FAT in the fat cells.
  • How does the diet work?
    • By decreasing the amount of carbohydrates coming in from the diet as well as the fat, we force your body to consume STORED FAT as your PRIMARY ENERGY SOURCE. This optional way for our bodies to function is called ketosis. Ketosis occurs when we are using fat (instead of sugars) as our primary energy source. Since we are also cutting the fat way down, your body must turn to stored fat as its energy—finally burning through all the fat we have been storing for years. Ketosis also acts as a natural appetite suppressant.
  • Is this a healthy way to lose weight?
    • We believe that current research supports this as a healthy and effective way to achieve a healthy weight. Currently evidence supports that we tolerate ketosis well. In fact, most of us, even on less healthy diets, spend much of the night asleep in ketosis burning through some of the fat we consumed the previous day. Our bodies are therefore used to this status and function well in it.
  • How much do individuals lose on this weight loss method?
    • Typically, women will lose from 2 to 4 pounds per week on average when they follow the protocol. Men can expect to lose 3 to 6 pounds per week on average when they follow the protocol. Please notice the phrase “when they follow the protocol”. There is nothing magical about taking protein supplements. The protocol and adherence to it is what causes the fat burning and weight loss.
  • What is the background of the diet coaches who will be conducting my weekly visits?
    • Our diet educators come from varied backgrounds and hold degrees in one of the following disciplines: education, nutrition, or counseling. Most of our diet educators are individuals who have lost significant weight on our diet and are maintaining their healthy weights by utilizing the concepts we teach our dieters.
  • Is this a high protein diet?
    • No. The amount of protein in our diet plan is equal to the amount of protein you would normally take in—it is an ideal amount of protein. We have simply decreased the calorie, fat, and carbohydrate amounts. The proteins in our products are very bio-available meaning that they are easily absorbed by your body. Because of this, you maintain all of your muscle mass and burn strictly your fat stores.
  • What kind of exercise routine can I do?
    • Your body builds muscle very quickly on our weight loss plan due to the bio-availability of the proteins consumed. Because of this, we recommend light cardio exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. Anything more than that, such as weight bearing exercises will counteract your weight loss and make it more difficult to reach your goal. However, you do not HAVE to do any exercising while on Step 1 of the diet. You can add exercise as you are able. Once your weight loss goal is achieved, you may resume any exercise routine such as weight bearing, cardio, etc.
  • Why is it important to get all components of the diet in?
    • The Sustain Weight Loss Method is calorie restricted—between 750 and 900 calories per day. You will be in ketosis, a natural state that simply means you are burning fat as your primary energy source. Ketosis is a natural appetite suppressant so although you are taking in less calories, you will not feel hungry. When you skip things like your snack or your vegetables, your body thinks you are starving it which in turn causes your body to go into starvation mode. When in starvation mode, your body will hold tightly to your fat cells instead of releasing them. When all components are taken in as directed, your body is able to burn the fat cells which will cause better losses.
  • Why do I need the vitamins?
    • During the weight loss phases of the diet, you temporarily have an unbalanced diet—no fruit, no dairy, etc. The vitamins are specially formulated to provide the vitamins and minerals that your diet is lacking. Without the vitamins you could become deficient in certain vitamins or minerals resulting in leg cramps or other side effects.
  • Why is the salt important?
    • On our plan, you take in a very small amount of salt. The salt is important in the role of water balance within your body as well as muscle contractions, proper conduction of nerve impulses, and transportation of nutrients into the cells. The Sustain Weight Loss Method is a very low sodium diet, so it is necessary to add salt in. If you do not use enough salt, you can experience lightheadedness, headaches, and muscle cramps.
  • How much Sustain foods do I eat on this plan?
    • In Step 1, you will need three Sustain foods each day. They are for breakfast, lunch, and your snack. Your dinner protein will consist of a whole protein such as chicken, beef, eggs, fish, or turkey. As you move through the phases, you decrease the amount of Sustain foods throughout the day and reincorporate whole proteins, complex carbohydrates, dairy, and fruit.
  • Can I eat vegetables?
    • At both your lunch and dinner meal you will be eating two cups of vegetables from a specific list. These vegetables are the lowest in carbohydrates but rich in vitamins and nutrients. Besides the two cups of vegetables you may eat unlimited lettuce at both of these meals—lettuce being romaine or iceberg.
  • What are the supplements I will be using?
    • Part of the daily requirements is to take supplements. As described earlier, the supplements are needed to replace the vitamins and minerals you are not getting in through your diet. You will take 5 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement each day, 2 with breakfast, 1 with lunch, 1 with dinner and 1 with your snack. They are spaced out with each meal so you will not be taking them all at once.
  • How much water do I have to drink?
    • Throughout the day you are required to drink at least 64 ounces of water. You will lose a lot of fluid while on this diet and it is important to replace that fluid so you don’t feel dizzy or lightheaded.
  • Are there any other daily requirements?
    • The only additional items you take on a daily basis are a small amount of salt and olive oil. The Sustain Method, as mentioned earlier, is a very low sodium plan. You will be required to use ½ teaspoon of salt every day and 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil or grape seed extract oil every day.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

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