Medi-Spa Services

*Medical paperwork is required before many of these services. You can complete the paperwork and email it back to us at Medical approval is required to schedule these appointment.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Technology- Performed by Esthetician *Medical paperwork is required.* Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology sometimes referred to as, Photo Facial, treats sun damage, redness, rosacea and uneven texture; while regenerating collagen and elastin. This is not just for your face. Can be performed on many body areas. $125

IPL Questions and Answers

Laser Hair Removal-Performed by Esthetician *Medical paperwork is required.* The laser targets all active growing hair and destroys the bulb so that the hair is no longer able to grow. Average 8-10 treatments. Our Estheticians will explain at your complimentary consultation, what to expect and provide exact pricing.

LHR Questions and Answers

Laser Spider Vein Treatments- Performed by Dr. Kinsella In just a few sessions, our laser can take care of your unsightly veins. Prices depend on the area and severity of veins. You can schedule a complimentary consultation before your treatment. *Medical paperwork is required.* Treatment prices: SV on Legs Mild– $275 SV on Legs Moderate– $325 SV on Legs Extensive– $375 SV on Foot & Ankle– $85 BV on Cheeks Mild– $110 BV on Cheeks Moderate–$160 BV on Cheeks Extensive–$210

Laser Spider Vein Questions and Answers

Skin Tag Removal- Performed by Dr. Kinsella Skin tags are removed by laser. *Medical paperwork is required.* $35 per tag 5 tags $150 Clusters of tags are custom prices. Call for a complimentary consultation.

Skin Tightening-Performed by Esthetician *Medical paperwork is required.* The Venus FREEZE is a device that utilizes Radio Frequency Technology (rf) to treat wrinkles & sagging skin **Packages Available** Call for a Complimentary Consultation.

Questions and Answers Venus Freeze

Dr. Kinsella before and after Venus Freeze skin tightening.